Welcome Letter

Welcome Home, !

On behalf of the Association, the Board of Trustees at Fairways at Beaver Brook is pleased to extend you its warmest welcome! Whether you are a current resident or new resident who just moved in, the following information should be valuable to you.

All residents should familiarize themselves with the Association's Governing Documents and Rules & Regulations.  Unit Owners are legally responsible for compliance by their visitors, guests and tenants.

Monthly Assessments
The Association relies on timely homeowner payments in order to manage cash flow and pay its bills on time. Association obligations for such bills as the master insurance policy, trash/recycling pickup, grounds maintenance and other vital services require timely cash flow! Your monthly assessment is based upon operating expenses and projected Capital Reserve expenditures in an annual budget developed by the Board of Trustees. The budget is distributed to homeowners prior to the Annual Meeting, and becomes effective the first of every calendar year.

Assessments are due on the first of each month. Prompt payment is essential. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed to your account if payment is not received before the grace period on the 10th of each month. Make checks payable to: "Fairways at Beaver Brook COA, Inc" and mail to:

Fairways at Beaver Brook COA, Inc.
c/o Access Property Management
P.O. Box 24001
Newark, NJ 07101

Do not enclose any correspondence with your payment. Any correspondence, other than your payments, should go directly to your Property Manager using our eForms

Direct Payment Plan
Consider enrolling in our convenient Direct Payment Plan to save postage and eliminate late charges. You may automatically debit a bank account of your choice on the first business day of the month for payment of your maintenance fee. To enroll in this free program, submit a Direct Payment Plan authorization form and return it with a voided check to Management.

The Direct Payment Plan will help you in several ways:

  • It saves time – fewer checks to write.
  • Helps meet your commitment in a convenient and timely manner – even if you’re on vacation or out of town.
  • No lost or misplaced statements, your payment is always on time – it helps maintain good credit.
  • It’s easy to sign up for, easy to cancel.


Board Meetings / Schedule of Events
Please refer to our printable Events Calendar for Public Board Meeting and Trash/Recycling pickup dates.

Trash Pickup: Every Monday and Thursday
Trash and recyclable containers may be placed at curbside early on the morning of collection or one-half hour before dusk on the night before pick-up. After pickup, all containers must be promptly removed from curbside and stored inside your unit on the same day as pick-up. If a holiday falls on or prior to collection day, pick-up may be delayed by one day.

Recycling Pickup: Every other Friday
Raritan Valley Disposal collects commingled recycling material (glass, plastic, aluminum, tin), newspapers, cardboard, magazines, and junk mail every other Friday morning. Please ensure all items are covered/secured and do not fly away. Please read and comply with these Recycling Rules of Thumb.

    Disposal of Large Trash Items
    If you need to throw away a mattress, desk, or furniture – items too big for normal garbage – simply call Raritan Valley Disposal at (908) 730-7800 to arrange for pickup. There is a small charge, and RVD can arrange payment and pickup day. All residents are encouraged to get appliance companies to remove your old appliances when new ones are delivered.
    Architectural Change Request Form for Exterior Modifications
    Any modification to the exterior of your unit (i.e., installation of a satellite dish, A/C unit, natural gas grill, high-efficiency furnace or landscaping modification) requires homeowners to submit an Architectural Change Request Form for Board approval along with all necessary permits from Clinton Township before any work is scheduled to begin. Refer to the Architectural Guidelines document for details. Fines may be assessed for failure to comply with the Association Rules & Regulations.


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